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Pattern Blocks Shape Kit activity cards

All About Shapes Pack

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Children love playing with shapes and colours. It is how the world around them is seen and created.

Your child will develop early childhood skills such as shape and colour recognition, fine motor, reasoning, logical thinking, planning, positioning and creativity with this value-packed set:
Spinner Shapes game encourages children to learn about shapes by placing the shapes in their correct positions on each of the beautifully illustrated gameboards.
Smart Stacker wooden shape and stacking toy is a great brain-stimulating toy. Children love to hold the pieces and stack them, sort them, line them up, trace them, and play with them in endless ways.
Tangram Pictures is a fun puzzle game which develops critical and logical thinking, shape and spatial relationships as well as hand-eye coordination.
Pattern Blocks Activity is bursting with educational value! Children develop important maths skills such as • recognise, name and sort shapes • shape similarities and differences • position and direction • creating and completing patterns • part-whole relationship recognition • fractions and equivalents • exploration of symmetry
Logic Cubes contain 4 brightly coloured wooden cubes which open a world of colourful designs and creativity. Your child will learn through trial and error while reproducing designs to match the graded activities included.

Suitable for ages 3 years to 7 years.



Products included in All About Shapes pack:
• RGS5106 Spinner Shapes
• RGS5133 Smart Stacker
• RGS5176 Logic Cubes
• RGS6170 Pattern Blocks Activity
• RGS6161 Tangram Pictures


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