Chess Masters Draughts Compendium

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Our official Staunton style competition-size chess board and plastic chess pieces will have you challenging someone to a match or is anyone up to a game of Draughts?

The chess pieces have non-scratch felt-lined bases for smooth movement.  The King measures 9cm high.

The chessboard is hinged for durability.

Draught pieces are supplied in two colours.

Instructions in Afrikaans and English included.



In the box
• 1 Chessboard
• 32 Chess pieces
• 24 Draught pieces
• Instructions in Afrikaans and English


Benefits of playing Chess
• Exercises both sides of the brain
• Improves thinking and problem-solving skills
• Raises IQ in children
• Improves spatial skills
• Improves memory
• Increases creativity
• Improves concentration
• Teaches planning and foresight


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