Puzzle Roll Up Mat

RGS Puzzle Roll Up Mat is the easy way to store and carry finished or unfinished puzzles and loose jigsaw pieces.

Simply build the jigsaw puzzle on the puzzling felt mat. When you are ready to take a break or store your puzzle away for another day, simply roll the felt mat around the puzzle cylinder and fasten with the straps provided. Unroll to continue with your puzzle.

The felt fabric keeps all the jigsaw pieces in place and allows for easy transport to the framer.

Fastening straps keep the puzzling mat securely in place around the tube for easy storage and transportation of the puzzle.

Easy storage when not in use. No more worrying about where to leave your unfinished puzzle or loosing of pieces.

Your puzzle mat can accommodate RGS puzzles up to 2000 pieces.



In the box
• 1 Felt puzzle mat
• 2 Cylinders to be joined
• 2 Velcro straps

How to Use

How to use:
• Roll the felt mat out on a flat surface, such as a table
• Start building your puzzle on the puzzling felt mat
• To store your puzzle place the joined cylinder tube at the end of the short side of the puzzle mat
• Roll up the mat around the cylinder tube, ensuring that the two are held firmly together.
• Secure the rolled up with the velcro straps provided, one on each end.
• When you want to continue building your puzzle, carefully unroll the mat and off you go!


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