XY Coordinate Pegboard

This versatile pegboard has sliding X and Y axes with a 15 x 15 grid.

Specially designed to show geometric translations, rotations, reflections, data in bar or line graphs.

Make coordinate graphing fun and easy to understand!

The pegs can be used to graph points in one, two or all four quadrants and to explore line segments, functions and conic sections.

The 15 x 15 grid and sliding axes lines allow students to illustrate numbers from -14 to 14 on both the x- and y-axes.

XY Coordinate Pegboards are valuable for learning a wide range of maths concepts including • symmetry • direction & position • explore quadrilaterals – sides & angles • points on a coordinate grid • quadrants • graphs – bar and line • geometric transformations • linear equations • functions

Instructions are included

Age 8+.



In the pack
• 1 Pegboard with sliding X and Y axes
• 50 Pegs
• Elastic bands
• Instructions in Afrikaans and English


Geometric Transformations
1. Reflections
A reflection ‘flips’ a figure over a line called the line of reflection. A reflection over a line is a transformation in which each point of the original figure has a corresponding point that is the same distance from one line of reflection but on the opposite side of the line.
2. Translations
A translation is a transformation that moves or ‘slides’ each point of a figure the same distance and in the same direction. The figure that is created is congruent to the original figure and has the same orientation.
3. Rotations
A rotation is a transformation that moves or ‘turns’ every point of a figure around a fixed point (usually a vertex or the origin of the coordinate plane). A rotation creates a figure that is congruent to the original figure. A rotation preserves distance from and orientation to the fixed point.

Ordered Pairs
An ordered pair tells the location of specific points on a grid (coordinate plane) and are called coordinates.
Using ordered pairs to identify and name points on a coordinate grid prepares students to find and navigate distances between points on a coordinate plane.
The first number indicates how far to travel from the origin along the horizontal (X) axis. The second number indicates how far up to travel along the vertical (Y) axis.

Directions on a Coordinate Grid
Each location on a coordinate grid is unique. An ordered pair names the specific location on the grid. There are numerous paths that can be followed from one ordered pair to another.
Follow and create instructions between points in the first quadrant of a coordinate pegboard.

See instructions for more activities.



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