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Bean Bag

Playing with bean bags helps children develop healthy bodies and active minds.

Our fully washable material bean bags measure 13cm square and weigh 100 grams.

Bean bags can be used in a group or individually.

When used in a group, they help to develop team spirit and a sense of belonging.

Bean Bags are sold individually and in assorted colours.

Age 2+.




Pack Size:
•  1 Bean Bag (ST1517H) in assorted colours


Gross motor development
Activities such as running, jumping, hopping, skipping, catching and throwing, playing with balls and bean bags help the learner:
• Exercise and get fit
• Strengthen muscles
• Develop agility and balance
• Cross the midline of the body
• Develop a positive self-image
• Improve posture
• Establish dominance
• Enhance eye-hand coordination
• Develop many perceptual skills


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