Geared Teacher's Clock

This large and durable plastic clock is the perfect demonstration tool for learning numbers and time.

The movable colour-coded clock hands and numbers printed on the clock face make it easy to read the hours and minutes.

Hidden gears maintain the correct relationship between the blue minute hand and red hour hand.

Durable geared plastic clock supplied with a removable stand which can be stored at the back of the clock.

The red hour hand cannot be moved independently of the blue minute hand. Turn the knob at the back of the clock to move the hands manually.

The clock face measures 30cm in diameter.

Instructions are included.

Age 4+.



In the pack
• 1 Plastic Clock
• Instructions

Size: 30cm in diameter.


Parts of an Analogue Clock:
The clock face is where the numbers and dials are placed.
The large numbers on a clock face represent hours.
Small numbers and interval lines represent minutes.
The long hand shows the number of minutes on the clock face.
The shorthand shows the number of hours on the clock face.
The direction the clock hands turn is known as clockwise.

Exact Hours
Count the large red numbers around the clock face, pointing to each number from 1 to 12.

Half / Quarter Hours
Demonstrate how the clock face can be divided into two or four equal segments.
Introduce the terms:
• Half past – 30 minutes past the hour.
• Quarter past – 15 minutes past the hour.
• Quarter to – 15 minutes to go before the next hour / 45 minutes past the hour. Demonstrate half hours and quarter hours on the clock.

See instructions for more activities.


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