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Inflorescence Widget Puzzle 402pc

Inflorescence will captivate you in this 402-piece wooden laser-cut puzzle containing 86 unique widget elements.

RGS has revolutionised the art of puzzling with the added twist of themed widgets where every puzzle piece is unique. This wooden puzzle will challenge and captivate puzzlers of all levels, allowing you to create your masterpiece in every puzzle.

These unique and intricately crafted wooden puzzle pieces are laser cut to ensure smooth edges that fit perfectly together and every piece is different. The unique themed widget elements add a fun twist to building this puzzle. Extra thick wooden pieces ensure longevity for repeated handling. A material tote bag is included for easy storage of your puzzle pieces.



In the box
• 402pc Wooden laser cut jigsaw puzzle
• Includes unique 86 widget elements
• Storage tote bag included to hold puzzle pieces
• Completed puzzle size: 450 x 350mm


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2 reviews for Inflorescence Widget Puzzle 402pc

  1. Nicole de Frei

    My friends and I built this puzzle together over a weekend. It was so much fun!

  2. Adri

    Very good puzzle and fun to build for young and old. High-quality pieces and excellent brand.

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