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Star Legends Widget Puzzle 402pc

Star Legends is a beautifully illustrated 402-piece wooden laser-cut puzzle containing 71 unique widget elements.

RGS has revolutionised the art of puzzling with the added twist of themed widgets where every puzzle piece is unique. This wooden puzzle will challenge and captivate puzzlers of all levels, allowing you to create your masterpiece in every puzzle.

These unique and intricately crafted wooden puzzle pieces are laser cut to ensure smooth edges that fit perfectly together and every piece is different. The unique themed widget elements add a fun twist to building this puzzle. Extra thick wooden pieces ensure longevity for repeated handling. A material tote bag is included for easy storage of your puzzle pieces.



In the box
• 402pc Wooden laser cut jigsaw puzzle
• Includes unique 71 widget elements
• Storage tote bag included holding puzzle pieces
• Completed puzzle size: 450 x 350mm


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3 reviews for Star Legends Widget Puzzle 402pc

  1. Patrizia

    I would recommend this product. It’s new, it’s different to your everyday puzzle, it’s affordable and great entertainment for the whole family. There are pieces of the widgets that relate to the individual horoscope signs. What an awesome product and a lovely gift too.

  2. Helga

    Loved this puzzle! Such interesting shapes – a lovely challenge to build and very good quality wood pieces.

  3. Reina

    I would recommend this puzzle to anyone who loves puzzles and likes to gather puzzles as a hobby because this puzzle is fun and I love it because it plays with my brain muscles.

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