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Marbles have been played over the centuries and are still popular today.

Smartplay Marbles contain 100 glass marbles per pack.

Each measure 16mm.

Age 4+.



In the pack
• 100 Marbles

Size: 16mm.


Benefits of playing marbles:
1. Development of motoric abilities
Motoric movement is associated with physical coordination, brain cells and eye coordination – all these things are vital in the healthy growth and education of a child. Activities in the game of marbles involve throwing and flicking the balls. This helps to develop fine motor coordination and as we know, the better the motor skills are, the better visual coordination and concentration is in a child.
2. Development of cognitive abilities
Children’s thinking skills are stimulated in this game. For example, if the child wants to win the game then he needs to problems solve and uses logic.
3. Social Skills
The most important thing about learning through play is how friendships are established and how social skills are developed. Usually, children work together to solve conflicts and problems. It is through play that they also learn how to communicate rationally.
4. The ability to compete
The success of a child undergoing a technique that then gets a response from his opponents is a special gift for the child. The existence of competitive feelings in school-age is very important to form a feeling of self-worth.


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