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Pick-up Sticks

Let the games begin with an exciting round of Pick Up Sticks! This timeless game blends physical skill and mental strategy for for exciting play.

Gather around and put your steady hands to the test! Pick Up Sticks creates an atmosphere of friendly competition and lively interaction for children and adults alike. Challenge your focus and dexterity to collect the most sticks and outmaneuver your opponents. With easy to learn rules and fast-paced gameplay, this classic game promises hours of engaging entertainment for the whole family!

• A set of 30 colourful bamboo sticks, each measuring 24cm in length
• Suitable for 2 or more players ages 3 and up
• Bilingual English and Afrikaans instructions included
• Players take turns carefully removing sticks without disturbing the pile
• Steady hands and sharp focus are needed to win!

Pick Up Sticks is the perfect addition to family game nights.



In the box
• 30 Colourful bamboo sticks
• Instructions in Afrikaans and English
*Sticks measure 24cm in length

8 reviews for Pick-up Sticks

  1. Amy Ruth

    This is such a fun classic game! So glad we have re-invented it during lockdown! Wonderful thinking game for the kids!

  2. Marj

    Great game for kids. It’s made from colourful bamboo sticks so is also environmentally friendly. Great price.

  3. Maryann

    The children love this game! Very happy with the quality and price.

  4. Therene

    Very good quality. Would recommend buying two boxes because of the quantity. I ordered another box once the kids started playing with them.

  5. Natascha

    Nice, lightweight. Bought it to teach my busy little boy some patience and endurance. Does the trick.

  6. Anthea

    So much fun for the grand children and the product is a very good quality. A big success!

  7. Nandi

    Use to play as a child with my brothers for hours of fun. What an awsome way to spend time with my kids especially during loadshedding!

  8. Jess

    Very fun, reminds me of childhood. Product is as advertised with instructions on how to play on a leaflet inside

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