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Chinese Checkers

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Since the 1800s, Chinese Checkers has challenged players in a race of strategy and speed.

Be the first to race your 10 tokens across the hexagonal board into your goal triangle to win. With room for 2-6 players, the whole family can get in on the fun. Suitable from 4+.

Vibrant wooden tokens in assorted colors move swiftly over the smooth wooden board for an engaging experience. Easy to learn but challenging to master, this game develops critical thinking skills.

Our set includes clear instructions in both Afrikaans and English so players of all ages can join. Bring home this timeless classic and enjoy evenings of family bonding and friendly competition with Chinese Checkers.



In the box:
• 1 Wooden game board
• 60 Wooden tokens
• Instructions in Afrikaans and English


2 reviews for Chinese Checkers

  1. Andrew

    Bought this classic for my kids, however they have the whole family into it now. Pieces are made of wood and the quality is good. Good value for money.

  2. Deborah

    The kids love playing this game. I bought it for my grandkids and they really enjoy it.

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