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Bring imagination to life with Mix-up, the creative mixing and matching game that supercharges childrens’ minds!

This innovative game lets kids combine wacky heads, clothes, and feet to make their own hilarious characters. Develop vocabulary, creative thinking, memory and concentration as you match or mix the pieces. With 5 fun activities in Afrikaans and English, Mix-up engages 3+ year-olds for hours of educational entertainment.

Key Features:
– Includes 10 3-piece characters
– 5 activities in 2 languages
– Develops vocabulary, creativity, memory and concentration
– Fun matching and mixing game play
– Perfect for ages 3+



In the box
• 10 Wooden 3-piece cards
• 1 Dice
• Includes instructions and activities in Afrikaans and English

3 reviews for Mix-Up

  1. Cait

    Good quality pieces. This game gave us hours of play. Lovely to see how quickly kiddies are able to build the characters. The game can also be used in other ways as conversation starters and for mix and match memory games.

  2. Mar-mari

    I love RGS Group puzzles and games. This game it’s really good for problem-solving skills and my child enjoys it very much.

  3. Teneale

    Fun game for kids even without the dice and rules. Great product! Affordable price! Very educational!

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