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World Map 50pc

Discover continents, countries and oceans of the world while building this puzzle.

This beautifully illustrated wooden jigsaw puzzle will keep your child engaged while learning visual discrimination, concentration, position and direction, planning and problem-solving.

Includes a free A4 full-colour copy poster.

Measures 210 x 297mm on completion.



A 50 piece wooden puzzle set.
Size: 210 x 297mm.

Benefits of Building Puzzles
Hand-eye coordination – manipulating the puzzle pieces helps the eyes, hands and fingers work together in coordinated movements.
Visual discrimination – puzzle pieces are sorted, matched and grouped according to colour, line and shape. In this way the child’s ability to notice similarities and differences is enhanced.
Position and direction – puzzle pieces have to be turned until they are placed in the correct position. If incorrectly placed, the pieces will not fit together.
Focussing and concentrating – the child needs to be able to concentrate if he or she is to complete the puzzle.
Part/whole relationships – the child will learn that a whole picture is made up of several smaller parts – an important life and learning skill.
Problem-solving – the jigsaw puzzle is a ‘problem’ that requires solving and there is only one way to solve it, the correct way. We know your child will enjoy solving this problem.
Language skills – learning basic words from puzzles and extending theme discussions based on the puzzle will develop new vocabulary.

4 reviews for World Map 50pc

  1. Pamelo (store manager)

    RGS Group never disappoints. lovely wooden puzzle, with nice detail.

  2. Candice

    I cannot give this company enough rave reviews. UNREAL quality – so happy I want to buy them all!

  3. Marsalin

    Kids enjoy putting it together and learning at the same time. Good quality wooden pieces and image quality.

  4. Boipelo

    It is really helps us to acquint ourselves with the location of all countries in the world. Very educational!!

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