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Rummy Tiles

Play your tiles right with Rummy Tiles!

This fast-moving family game provides hours of fun and strategy for everyone. With simple rules but varied gameplay, Rummy Tiles is perfect for game nights.

The key is to be the first player to ‘Rummy’ by using all your tiles. Wild Joker tiles add luck, but watch out – they can also cost you big points! Rummy Tiles builds concentration and quick thinking for ages 7+.

• 106 game tiles
• 4 tile racks
• Tile storage pouch
• Afrikaans and English instructions

Bring out your competitive spirit and challenge your family to a round of Rummy Tiles! With easy setup and addictive gameplay, it’s an entertaining classic you’ll play again and again.



In the box
• 106 Tiles
• 4 Tile Racks
• 1 Tile storage pouch
• Instructions in Afrikaans and English

This product is an extension of Rummikub game


6 reviews for Rummy Tiles

  1. Chris

    Good quality and neatly packed. Have hours of fun playing together with family and friends.

  2. Vania

    This game is totally worth the buy – great family time

  3. Ananda

    RGS games are good quality products. This is the 3rd board game that I bought from this company. Love it.

  4. Marelet

    We enjoy this game so much – thank you! It is really worth buying

  5. Gail

    My family loves this game, and we are very happy with the quality of the set.

  6. Mpho

    I love it 😍 enjoy playing with the FAMILY

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