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Counting Cubes 500pc

Counting Cubes are supplied in 10 colours to provide learners with hands-on learning experiences which will help them structure their thoughts and learn to think and reason in a more logical manner.

Use Counting Cubes to acquire skills in colour sorting and recognition, counting, grouping, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to name a few.

This bulk set of 500pc is shrink-wrapped and contains a manual.

Age 4+.



Available Pack Sizes:
• 100 pieces in a polybag (RGS7100)
• 100 pieces in a storage box (RGS7100B)
• 500 pieces shrink-wrapped (ST1505)
* A parent/teacher handbook is included with RGS7100B and ST1505.

5 reviews for Counting Cubes 500pc

  1. Callan (store manager)

    My child loves it. It was good deal compared to the actual retail stores. I would definitely recommend to other parents as well.

  2. Onele (store manager)

    I recently ordered this product for my child, wow easy to use and very convenient. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while, finally got it!

  3. Silvia (store manager)

    An excellent teaching resource.

  4. Anna Elizabeth (store manager)

    These blocks are perfect for Mathematics in the Foundation Phase. Learners can benefit by using these useful and colourful blocks to understand Place Value as well as addition and subtraction.

  5. Karmini (store manager)

    Brilliant for going back to the basics, kids love to see their maths and this allows the creativity while counting. Creative sollution to complicated maths that needs that little bit extra creativity.

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