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Number builders in 3 colours and wooden
(5 customer reviews)

Wooden Number Builders

Bring math concepts to life with Wooden Number Builders!

Place value mastery paves the way for math success. With Wooden Number Builders, children don’t just memorize – they actively build numbers using tactile cards. This engaging approach cements their understanding of how the position of each digit impacts its value. As students gain confidence combining units, tens and hundreds, they build the skills needed for working with larger numbers down the road.

– Hands-on cards let kids build numbers up to 999
– Colour-coding visually reinforces place value
– Portable storage container keeps materials organized
– Fun activity guide with exercises in Afrikaans and English

Teachers love having a portable, durable set that makes teaching place value interactive and enjoyable. The included activity guide offers practical ways to incorporate Wooden Number Builders into lessons.

Parents appreciate the hands-on system that motivates kids to master foundational math concepts. Give your child the tools to develop rock-solid number sense with Wooden Number Builders!

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In the box:
* Wooden unit cards from 1 to 9
* Wooden tens cards from 10 to 90
* Wooden hunderds cards from 100 to 900
* Detailed activity guide in Afrikaans and English
* Packed in a plastic storage container

Wooden Number Builders are used to develop, reinforce and extend place value concepts using numbers from 1 to 999.

The colour-coded cards assist with recognising number parts (units, tens and hundreds) and can be conveniently stored in the plastic storage container. An activity guide is included.

The concept of place value in the decimal number system is a core element of mathematics. It is therefore essential that students develop a deep understanding of the concept.

In particular, place value forms the basis of the methods that students are taught to use for calculations with larger numbers, but a secure understanding of place value is also crucial for ordering numbers, making measurements and handling money.

5 reviews for Wooden Number Builders

  1. Laura-Jean (store manager)

    Great product, especially if you are homeschooling.

  2. Nishaad

    Good quality wooden product which comes with a detailed manual.

  3. Corlea

    Great quality and works well to teach place values.

  4. Sivonne

    Lovely quality number builders. Nice size for small hands. Overall we’re happy.

  5. Adel

    Great quality. Helps alot with homework and understanding the break down of one’s, ten’s and hundreds.

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