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Demonstration Abacus

Make math lessons unforgettable with the Demonstration Abacus! This hands-on teaching tool activates learning through sight, touch, and motion.

The Demonstration Abacus brings abstract concepts to life through active manipulation. Sliding the beads adds fun tactile learning to math lessons. Children stay engaged while gaining a concrete understanding of numbers, arithmetic, and math vocabulary. Each row contains ten colour beads making counting in the decimal system simple. This large-size abacus (500 x 480 x30mm) is perfect for classroom demonstrations so the entire class can follow along.

• Count, add, subtract, multiply & divide using colorful sliding beads
• 10 bead decimal system simplifies grasping numbers
• Study math vocabulary, more/less, counting skills
• Sturdy wooden frame for classroom demonstrations
• Instruction manual covers math concepts in English & Afrikaans

Make math class more interactive and memorable with this must-have manipulative for ages 4+!



In the pack
• 1 Large 100 bead wooden abacus
• Instruction booklet in Afrikaans & English is included
Size: 500 x 480 x30mm


2 reviews for Demonstration Abacus

  1. dave

    Excellent quality product for my class room. Love this item.

  2. Wilma

    We bought one for each of our Grade 1 & 2 classrooms. They are wonderful to work with and illustrate maths concepts to children in a concrete format. Highly recommended.

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