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Puzzlers Accessory Pack

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Calling all puzzle enthusiasts! Enjoy our new puzzle accessory pack which will bring joy to all puzzle lovers.

Puzzle Sorting Trays
Sort your puzzle pieces by colour, pattern, shape, or border with this 6 tray puzzle sorter. Link the trays for easy viewing. Stack the trays for easy storage. The 6 trays are designed to hold up to 1000 piece puzzles. Each tray measures 215 x 160 x 20mm.

Puzzle Rollup Mat
The felt mat is the perfect base for building your puzzles and can accommodate puzzles of up to 1500 pieces. If you need to use your puzzling space, merely roll up the mat and store! No more worrying about where to leave your unfinished puzzle or the loss of jigsaw pieces. The velcro fastening straps keep the puzzling mat securely in place around the inflatable tube.

Puzzle Glue
RGS Puzzle Glue will enhance, preserve and bond your completed jigsaw puzzle masterpiece.  Once the glue has dried, you can mount your puzzle in a frame and display your work of art. The drying time is 1-2 hours. Suitable for puzzles up to 2000 pieces.


In the Pack
• 120ml Glue
• 6 Puzzle sorting trays (tray size: 251 x 160 x 20mm)
• 1 Felt puzzle mat
• 1 Inflatable tube
• 3 velcro straps


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