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Time to help your children with their spelling?  In some households, spelling practice is met with tears and tantrums—and that’s just from the parents!
So try something new! Some children simply learn better aurally, kinesthetically or visually. If you have struggling spellers, it may help to get their large muscles in on the action. Doing so uses a different part of the brain and activates kinesthetic memory. Plus, all children learn best with a dash of fun. So step away from the desk or dining room table… clear some space… and let’s get spelling!
Tap it out Use your hand or wooden spoon to tap out each letter of the word as you spell it out loud.
Stamp it out Stomp your foot as you say each letter in the word. Or, for a quieter tabletop option, use Alphabet Stamps and a stamp pad.
Jump it out Use a skipping rope and spell the word by saying each letter at each rope rotation.
Roll it out Roll out some play dough to make the letters in each word.  When your word is done, squeeze it, squash it, and spell another word!
Bounce it out Use a basketball and bounce the ball as you say each letter in the word. You can also pass the ball back and forth with your child as you spell the word.
Stick it out Use Magnetic Letters on the fridge or metal cookie sheet. Using readymade letters allows you to move the letters farther apart or closer together to help with sounding out each word, or breaking it up into CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant), syllables, blends, digraphs, and more.
Written by Gabrielle Fischer