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Magnetic Letters Lowercase

Grab their attention with these Magnetic Lowercase Letters!

The 40 wooden letters feature bright colors to engage young eyes. Their chunky size and full magnetic backing make them easy for little hands to manipulate and stick securely. The perfect gift for 4 years and up!

Children will have a blast learning phonics, letter recognition, and basic spelling as the letters bring creations to life. With guided activities in English and Afrikaans, you can feel good about screen-free playtime.

Build your child towards reading readiness with these colorful magnetic letters today!



In the box
• 40 Magnetic backed wooden lowercase letters
• Includes instructions and activities in Afrikaans and English



10 reviews for Magnetic Letters Lowercase

  1. Caren

    Excellent product! Kids love building words!

  2. Emma

    These letters are a perfect size, good quality and right font. I have tried many other magnetic letters and these are my favourite.

  3. Chantelle

    Overall of high quality. The magnetic letters are colourful and immediately had my children’s attention. The only problem is that some letters are hard to recognise because of all the colours, for example, the ‘i’ and ‘g’. My kids still enjoy playing with it on the fridge and also throughout the house to find all the places where the letters can ‘stick’, but we will not really use it to practice letter recognition.

  4. Joanet

    Brilliant for doing spelling words while mom is busy in the kitchen. Even my 5 year old is building words now

  5. Delia

    My 5yr old daughter loves these. Bought to help her learn the alphabet in a fun way!

  6. Jessica

    These magnets are good quality and such a nice size for little fingers. They are especially great because of being lower case letters (which is what kids start with at school) and often children don’t recognize capital letters at first. So these are awesome for that reason. The colours are vibrant and the magnets are very sturdy.

  7. Rebecca

    I love fact that the whole back is magnetic. we use it on our etcho sketch board with my toddler. the letter colours are very cleverly chosen. d and p are both blue but b is yellow and q has a tick up. As a dyslexic mom I find this incredibly helpful when teaching my 3 year old.

  8. Sam

    I love these magnetic letters. They are good quality, a great size AND provide a fun kitchen game, which helps while trying to cook dinner. I also love that they are lowercase, which ties into what my little one is learning at school. The colours and patters help provide extra games (Find the green one, find the stars etc. ) 10/10 would recommend

  9. Anel

    One of the standout features is how well these letters stick to the fridge. The magnets are strong, ensuring that the letters stay securely in place, making it easy for my child to experiment with spelling and word formations without constantly reattaching them.

    The vibrant and bright colors of the letters are another highlight. They grab the attention and make learning a visually engaging experience. The variety of colors adds an extra layer of excitement, making the process of building names and words even more enjoyable. I appreciate the thoughtful quantity of letters included in the set. There are enough letters to create a multitude of names and words, offering endless possibilities for learning and creativity.

  10. Kirendran

    I bought these for my nephew to practice his spelling and it works very well. The quality is good and the magnets are strong enough to stick on the portable whiteboard that I bought work out.

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