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My Body

Make body part identification fun for your 5+ year old with My Body, the 25-piece self-correcting wooden puzzle that brings anatomy to life!
– 7 engaging activities teach body parts, senses, hygiene and more
– Sturdy wooden pieces snap into place for interactive, hands-on learning
– Self-correcting design builds confidence and knowledge
– Colorful poster reinforces part names and locations
– Perfect for ages 5+ to start learning anatomy basics

With My Body, your child will love learning about eyes, ears, nose, and all their body parts. The 7 activities make identifying parts on the full-color poster a blast. Each time a wooden piece snaps into its correct place, your child gains knowledge and appreciation for their amazing body.

My Body transforms anatomy lessons into rewarding games. The 25 durable wooden pieces satisfy your child’s sense of touch and accomplishment as their parts snap into place. Self-correction guides your 5+ year old to learn by doing. Give the gift of body knowledge with My Body today!



In the box:
• 25 Piece self-correctiing wooden puzzles
• 1 Colour poster
• Instructions

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