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Tangram Picture Puzzles

Captivate Young Minds with the Tangram Picture Puzzles.

Unlock your child’s full potential with the Tangram Picture Puzzles – a simple yet engaging STEM learning tool that challenges children to think creatively and build crucial skills, from ages 4 and up. By manipulating the 7 geometric shapes into a single picture, children as young as preschool will develop a deep understanding of shapes, spatial relationships, and problem-solving.

As they work through the puzzles, children will strengthen their hand-eye coordination, learn geometric vocabulary, and become confident critical thinkers. The included activity cards provide guidance and structure, making it easy for even young learners to dive in and start exploring.

Whether your child is a budding mathematician or simply loves a good brain teaser, the Tangram Picture Puzzles are the perfect addition to their toy collection. Ignite their passion for learning, foster their cognitive development, and set them up for success with this captivating STEM-focused activity.



In the box
• 7 Pieces sturdy plastic tangram puzzle
• 16 Graded activities on laminated cards
• Instructions in Afrikaans and English
• Age 4+



3 reviews for Tangram Picture Puzzles

  1. Zašce

    Buy it! Even though it only comes with 7 pieces, it has kept my daughter entertained for a long time. The pieces can be moved into so many positions. Great for concentration, fine motor skills and latterly.

  2. Busi

    As a teacher i love tangrams! They are excellent ways to practice your math, problem-solving, and logical thinking skills, and it can help you sharpen your spatial awareness, the understanding of how objects relate to the space they’re in. Love that they come with cards for extra challenges!

  3. Roann

    What an amazing puzzle! Makes you kids minds work and helps develop thinking skills. Great product!

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