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Logic Shapes

Logic Shapes provides an engaging hands-on way for your child to gain key skills they’ll use throughout their education. Plus, it allows them to have fun with colourful shapes and express their imagination. Your child will love matching the shapes to the correct outline on the cards. As they complete each card, their sense of accomplishment will grow.

– 32 shapes in 4 colours
– 16 graded designs on laminated cards
– Helps develop shape/colour recognition, fine motor skills, reasoning, and logic
– Promotes creativity and imaginative play
– Perfect for ages 4+

Help your child gain a strong foundation in early learning while enjoying themselves!
Placing the shapes in their correct positions on the shape cards will help your child recognise and match colours and shapes and acquire positional concepts.



In the box
• 32 Wooden shapes in 4 colours
• 16 Graded designs on laminated cards
• Includes instructions and activities in Afrikaans and English


5 reviews for Logic Shapes

  1. Anthea

    What a fun way to play with and learn about shapes. The cards are colourful and hold my child’s attention while sorting through shapes which should fit. I can recommend this product.

  2. Samantha

    Super educational. It’s a versatile game too. Teaches planning skills, logic and shapes.

  3. Arinelle

    Great way to keep your toddler busy. Educational and comes with activity cards.

  4. Lorraine

    My three year old loves the shapes. She even knows how to name the different colours and shapes now!.

  5. Laythan

    My niece loves these! A great way to expand a child’s mind and get them to learn new colours and shapes

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