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Associations Match It

If you want to boost your preschooler’s cognitive growth in a fun way, Associations is for you! The colourful matching puzzles game develops logical reasoning through play.

The puzzles and additional activities featured in the Afrikaans and English guides, help your child strengthen their ability to associate and logically reason.

Features and benefits:
• 18 Two-piece puzzles featuring fun and colourful illustrations
• Detailed instructions for 7 engaging activities in English and Afrikaans
• Develops critical thinking and logical reasoning abilities
• Fun games include matching, riddles and absurdities
• Perfect for ages 3+

Your child will be having so much fun matching, solving riddles and finding absurdities that they won’t even realize they’re building essential thinking skills!



In the box
• 18 Wooden self-correcting 2-piece interlocking puzzles
• Includes instructions and activities in Afrikaans and English

5 reviews for Associations Match It

  1. Zoe

    I love the versatility of this game.

  2. Andrea

    This game definitely challenges. My daughter reasoned her way through many answers.

  3. Liora

    Great for little learners. Good quality as expected from RGS Group.

  4. Shameema

    One of the best puzzles. The kids can have discussions on what you are suppose to do with each item or puzzle piece. If you mix these pieces up for example, they would be able to distinguish between a tooth brush and a hand broom. And the stories they tell as to why those items do not match…. ha ha ha

  5. Ginger B

    I bought this as part of a gift, but decided to keep if for my future grandchildren. The images are beautiful, you can play different games with these combinations and it is educational. Awesome for toddlers to learn and match. Good quality.

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