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My First Sudoku Puzzles

Discover brain-boosting fun with My First Sudoku Puzzles! This exciting game strengthens critical thinking, logic, memory and more in children aged 4+.

My First Sudoku Puzzles takes the brain-boosting fun of sudoku and makes it easy for children to play. The engaging 4×4 grids use pictures instead of numbers, allowing children to complete the logic puzzles successfully. Matching the wooden tiles sharpens flexibility, attention and concentration. For added play value, enjoy memory, classification and snap games too!

• 16 double-sided puzzle cards with 4×4 grids using pictures
• 48 wooden picture tiles for hands-on play
• Additional memory, classification and snap games
• Solutions provided in English & Afrikaans

Give your child an entertaining brain workout with My First Sudoku Puzzles.



In the box
• 16 Sudoku Challenges on double-sided laminated cards
• 48 Wooden picture tiles
• Instructions and puzzle solutions in English & Afrikaans



7 reviews for My First Sudoku Puzzles

  1. Evashni

    My 4 year old kid loves it. Easy to understand and play.

  2. Karin

    Bought it to play with my grandkids, ages 4 & 5. We are having a ball! It’s the best of both worlds, play & learning. I can recommend it wholeheartedly.

  3. Sandra

    This is a lovely Sudoko for kids. My 4 year old thoroughly enjoys it. I love that you have easy & more difficult boards. Definitely worth the price

  4. Kaversh

    My 4 year old daughter loves it. Easy to play and comes with a few boards to play on. Well priced too.

  5. Evashni

    It’s a good introduction to Sudoku. Good game for little ones to play.

  6. Tracy

    Love this suduko for first time players! Fresh version of a traditional game.

  7. Anli

    My grandkids love this fun game! They love the characters!

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