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These aren’t your average puzzles – Opposites will open your child’s mind to a world of differences!

With Opposites, your child will gain the vocabulary and critical thinking skills to understand how things can be unlike each other in every way. The self-correcting wooden puzzle pieces ensure they’ll learn through hands-on play. As they explore concepts like near and far or up and down, you’ll be amazed at how their ability to compare and describe builds.

• 12 self-correcting 2-piece wooden puzzles
• Teaches opposites like time, distance, behavior, gender, position, directions, taste and more
• Encourages discussion and active learning
• Develops thinking, reasoning and vocabulary skills
• Includes 12 activities with instructions in English and Afrikaans

Perfect for children ages 4 and up, Opposites is ideal for preschoolers and kindergartners. The puzzles will engage their natural curiosity while strengthening their reasoning abilities. Kids will love matching the pieces while parents will appreciate the multilingual, educational value. Give your little one a headstart on critical thinking with these one-of-a-kind wooden puzzles!



In the box
• 12 Wooden self-correcting 2-piece puzzles
• Includes instructions and activities in Afrikaans and English

5 reviews for Opposites

  1. Carmen

    LOVE RGS games, such good quality for money, real wooden pieces, great for widening little people’s vocabulary too, and spacial concepts

  2. Sheena

    Great value for money, my almost 3 year old loves it and wants to do opposites all the time now

  3. Lorin

    My 3 year old is obsessed with these puzzles and I love it because it keeps her busy.

  4. Marianka

    Son loves this, simple, and comes with easy instructions to guide your child, and to help you teach them about opposites.

  5. Thara-lee

    Love this. Great size for little hands. My nieces spend hours playing with it.

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