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Where are they?

Where Are They is an exciting educational game that develops vital positional and spatial skills! Your child will gain the positional and spatial awareness needed for reading, writing and math readiness. Your youngster will have a blast using the creatively designed pieces to recreate the fun scenarios on the activity cards. As they search for the people, objects and animals in imaginative play, they naturally pick up the vocabulary and logic that builds future academic success.

• Learn positional words like left, right, up, down, in front of, and more
• Develop observational skills and attention to detail
• Follow visual and verbal instructions to build reasoning abilities
• Includes 1 wooden baseboard, 12 sturdy standing pieces and 8 activity cards
• Instructions in English and Afrikaans
• Created for ages 4+

Where Are They combines play with purpose. Your child will be having so much fun that they won’t even realize they are gaining the observational skills, focused thinking, and problem-solving abilities that are foundational for achievement in school and beyond!

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In the Box
•  1 Wooden baseboard with grooves
•  12 Sturdy wooden pieces
•  8 Positional activities on laminated cards
•  Instructions in Afrikaans and English

4 reviews for Where are they?

  1. Leontine

    What a wonderful product! My niece loves placing the wooden pieces in the grooved wooden base to create assorted scenes. She learnt and understood her basic positional words with this fun game. Thank you for great product!

  2. Nicole

    It’s a nice educational game that can be used to teach children various language concepts. I use it often in therapy.

  3. Antoinette

    I use this product in my grade 1 classroom to teach position, vocabulary and creative thinking. The children love this product!

  4. Thandi

    Both my middle children have visual perception problems. This is perfect for that. And just fun anyway. Thank you for developing this product!

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