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Magic Mosaics

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Treat your child to creative playtime with Magic Mosaics! This top-selling screen-free educational toy lets kids design stunning mosaics that boost visual skills and manual dexterity.

Children will love piecing together the 450 plastic shapes on the sturdy grid board. The shapes fall easily into place, allowing for frustration-free arranging and rearranging. Budding artists can follow the 12 copy designs or let their imagination soar by making unique mosaics.

As your child plays with patterns, shapes and colours, they’ll build key skills for success in school and life. Magic Mosaics engages their planning and concentration abilities while strengthening fine motor control, hand-eye coordination and visual perception. It’s an artistic adventure packed with learning!

• 450 assorted plastic shapes in vivid colors
• Sturdy grid keeps pieces in place for frustration-free building
• 12 fun mosaic designs to copy or use as inspiration
• Storage box with lid keeps all pieces neatly organized
• Includes Afrikaans & English instructions
• Perfect for children 6 and up.

Bring out your child’s creativity and get them design-ready for school with Magic Mosaics. This award-winning art toy promises hours of skill-building fun!



In the box
• 1 Storage container with lid
• 1 Plastic Grid
• 490 Assorted colour shapes
• 6 Double-sided copy cards
• Includes afrikaans & English instructions

5 reviews for Magic Mosaics

  1. Charmaine

    Very good quality product for kids

  2. Chrisma

    This is really worth buying. It is bigger than I thought, which is good! The container, with compartments, is very nice and convenient. I will recommend this product .

  3. Eunice

    A wonderful toy for kids 5 years and older. I use it at my therapy practice and with other kids.

  4. Lizette

    A good educational product to teach shapes, colours and patterns.

  5. Yolandi

    Very good game to work on a lot of visual perceptual skills. Great buy. Will really recommend

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