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Reading Guides

The Reading Guide is designed to make reading easier.

The Reading Guide is a lightweight and durable plastic strip with a see-through tinted window surrounded by a grey shield.

The Reading Guide allows the reader to highlight text through this transparent window to increase reading accuracy and text stability. The grey shield blocks out text above and below the line being read.

This simple reading tool is often helpful to readers who have trouble focusing on what they’re reading, lose their place as they read or develop eye strain while reading.

Highly recommended by Therapists and Teachers for people with ADHA, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, other reading disorders, Irlen Syndrome and Scotopic Sensitivity.

Supplied in a pack of 4 colours (magenta, cyan, yellow and clear). Find which colour works best for you.

Instructions are included.

Suitable for all ages.



In the pack
• 4 Reading Guides
• Instructions

4 reviews for Reading Guides

  1. Kirsty

    Very useful for teaching to read in a straight line. Can you make bigger screens so they used for young (grade 1 – 3) children’s reading books?

  2. Amy

    Excellent quality for reading, narrow, so perfect for short sentences. Would probably be easier to use for higher grade reading as smaller letters are required. Tints are perfect and adjustable. I would highly recommend this product so that you can choose the correct tint page for the future.

  3. Bonnie

    This product is so simple yet extremely helpful. My son is dyslexic and immediately saw the difference with these reading guides. Would definitely recommend.

  4. Laura

    Great for people who struggle with reading difficulties.

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