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Smart Fingers

Get those fingers moving with Smart Fingers!
This innovative game will put your hand-eye coordination to the test. Use your fingertips to quickly place balls according to fun copy card designs.Place the balls correctly before your opponent does to win.
It’s the perfect game for children and adults with poor finger control or low muscle tone.

Key features:
– 16 copy designs to recreate
– Includes 5 additional activities
– 2 Wooden Smart Finger boxes
– Single and 2-player modes
– Builds finger dexterity and strength
– Recommended by Occupational Therapists and physiotherapists for improved coordination

Get your fingers moving fast with this stimulating game!



In the box
• 2 Wooden Smart Finger Boxes
• 16 Copy Designs on Laminated Cards
• Includes instructions and activities in Afrikaans and English

The following skills are developed with Smart Fingers:
1. Fine Motor Control – to strengthen the muscles of the hands and fingers, encourage the player to use alternate fingers while moving the
beads into their places as shown on the Copy Cards.
2. Hand-eye Coordination – placing the balls requires a good deal of eye-hand coordination which is necessary for most daily activities including drawing, cutting, threading, sewing and writing.
3. Figure/Ground Perception – the player needs to focus attention on a particular colour bead or colour dot, placing it in the foreground of his mind while allowing everything else to fade into the background.
4. Concentration – following the patterns on the copy cards will help children to focus and concentrate.


5 reviews for Smart Fingers

  1. Leana

    This game does exactly what it says on the package: “This innovative game is ideal for developing muscle tone and muscle control (which you need to get the pencil grip right in grade R). Following the patterns on the copy cards will help children to focus and concentrate.” My son – 6yrs old – found it difficult to copy the patterns, but in the pamphlet they recommend that the child first start by copying one row and cover the rest, to help them to focus and continue from there. He was a bit reluctant to keep going, when he struggled, but one row at a time helped and doing his own patterns. It is just about practicing the fine motor skills in the end.

  2. Hester

    This is an amazing product and it’s easy to use. I would recommend it to schools and after care centers to use to assist students

  3. Farzana

    My kid enjoys playing with this. Excellent for hand-eye coordination and teachers them patience. Also good for strengthening hands and fingers for writing and colouring.

  4. Taryn

    A bit advanced for my 2 year old but he enjoys sticking his fingers in all the holes. My 4 year old loves trying to match the patterns and it keeps her busy for a long time! Love this product!

  5. Adri

    Bit more challenging than what I remembered as a child but worth the money! Keeps my son entertained in the car.

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