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Threading Beads & Laces

Get ready to unlock your child’s creativity and boost their development with this colorful lacing and threading bead set!

This bead set is specially designed to nurture your child’s cognitive growth while keeping them engaged and entertained. The act of lacing and threading boosts hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and focus – essential skills for success in school and life. As they sort through the colourful array of shapes, they’ll also be learning colours, shapes, sorting, counting, and patterns in an interactive, hands-on way. It’s an activity that stimulates their mind and senses for well-rounded development.

• 48 Plastic beads in fun geometric shapes like squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, diamonds and ovals
• Vibrant colours like red, blue, green, and yellow to spark imagination
• 4 Threading laces with long aglets make stringing easy for little hands
• Perfect for developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
• Learn colours, shapes, counting, sorting, pattern making and more
• Includes instructions in Afrikaans & English

A wonderful tool for occupational therapy, helping children with special needs improve their motor and cognitive skills. Ideal for children ages 3 and up, this bead set offers an enriching play experience that parents and children will both love.



In the packet
• 48 Beads in 6 shapes and 4 colours
• 4 Threading laces
• Includes instructions in Afrikaans & English

12 reviews for Threading Beads & Laces

  1. Lydian

    Bought this for my almost 4 year old to help with his fine motor skills and it’s great! Fine-motor, colours, shapes and patterns all in one!

  2. Elrhode

    Product is used weekly. It’s colorful and durable.

  3. Nomgqibelo

    Really great way to keep toddler busy and strengthen that pincer grasp, also great for counting and learning colours

  4. Kelly-Ann

    Love it! The blocks are th perfect size for little hands, and the colours are vibrant. I also loved that the whole in the middle is big, so its easier for them to thread through.

  5. Tokkie

    These beads help so much with my daughter to teach her some coordination! And even a bit patience…
    I would definitely recommend this product for toddlers to help them.

  6. Tashmeera

    My kid loves playing with the shapes and laces!

  7. Amanda

    Good product. Good exercise for those little fingers!

  8. Adri

    I am very happy with Product. Value for money.

  9. Janita

    Excellent value for money, educational in a fun way 5 and 3 year old boys both enjoy this with some guidance.

  10. Liela

    Loads of beads, durable string. Keeps my toddler busy for a while. Good way to practice fine motor skills and helps her to concentrate for long periods of time. Can get creative with the colour patterns, very nice.

  11. Robyn

    I’m very happy with the product. My daughter enjoys playing with it.

  12. Benedene

    Great quality! My toddler loves playing with them teaches her hand eye coordination. Keeps het busy for hour! Will definitief recommend!

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