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PolarB Nesting & Stacking Blocks

Fuel your baby’s curiosity and love of learning with these beautifully crafted Nesting & Stacking Blocks! This engaging wooden block set features a variety of fun shapes like circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles that will capture your little one’s attention.

Your 12+ month old will delight in exploring shape recognition, spatial reasoning, and critical thinking skills as they grasp, stack, and nest these tactile blocks in a variety of ways. Building towers with the blocks strengthens hand-eye coordination and concentration. Fitting the shapes into the cutouts in the blocks introduces early geometry concepts.

The open-ended play possibilities combined with the developmental benefits make these Nesting & Stacking Blocks the perfect screen-free activity to engage your busy baby! This high-quality wooden block set delivers hours of educational entertainment and skill-building play.

Product size: 90x90x90mm



In the box:
* 5 Stacking boxes
* 4 Wooden shapes
Box size: 97x97x180mm

1 review for PolarB Nesting & Stacking Blocks

  1. Azola

    Really cute and offers many activities. Love the colours.

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