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PolarB Pull-Along Hedgehog

Make toddler time a fun time with this adorable Pull-Along Hedgehog toy!

Key features/benefits:
• Cute wooden pull-along toy encourages toddlers to walk and develop gross motor skills
• Boosts toddler confidence and understanding of cause & effect as they pull the toy
• Suitable for ages 18+ months
• Fun hedgehog design toddlers will love
• Compact size at 108 x 104 x 53mm makes it easy to pull and carry

This pull-along hedgehog is a great way to boost your little one’s confidence while helping them develop essential gross motor skills. As they walk while pulling the toy along, it shows them they have control over where it goes. This understanding of cause and effect is an important developmental milestone. The adorable hedgehog design gives them a cute companion to pull around and play with.

Perfect for toddlers aged 18+ months, this pull toy gives them an engaging way to practice walking and coordination. Having a toy they can walk along with builds confidence in their growing ability to move around independently. Pulling the hedgehog as it rolls boosts hand-eye coordination too. This multifunctional toy improves motor skills while keeping toddler playtime full of discovery and fun!



In the box:
* 1 Pull-Along Hedgehog
Box size: 153x148x62mm


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