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PolarB Train Set 90pc

All aboard the magical world of PolarB in your child’s bedroom with this expansive 90-piece train set that sparks creativity and imagination.

This PolarB train set is more than just tracks and trains. With 90 pieces, children can build an entire interactive world. The adorable animal figures and variety of accessories let children create fun stories and scenarios during playtime. This open-ended experience boosts creativity, imagination, and narrative skills.

Perfect for children ages 3 and up, this PolarB train set provides an engaging hands-on activity that parents and children can enjoy together. As young ones build elaborate train-themed worlds, they strengthen fine motor control and hand-eye coordination. Independent play also builds confidence and social skills. With so many ways to play, this train set delivers endless hours of educational fun.

This 90-piece train set builds gross and fine motor skills and includes tracks, trains, stations, houses, vehicles and cute animal figures. Stimulates creativity, imagination, storytelling and social play. Beautifully crafted and designed for durability. Created for children ages 3+. Size: 1320 x 1000 x 188mm


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In the box
• 90 Piece train set
• Size: 1320 x 1000 x 188mm

3 reviews for PolarB Train Set 90pc

  1. Amy

    Great quality – super cute! Parents and children are both in love with this train set.

  2. Christel

    Great value compared to other sets out there. Love the wooden feel and it comes with a big selection of accessories. Great for young ones to develop their puzzle-building and fine motor skills. My toddler loves it!

  3. Zan

    Great quality as expected from Viga. This will provide a lot of fun and my child will be able to play with it for many years to come. Highly recommend.

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