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Bathroom Doll House Furniture

Make your dollhouse a home with this delightful 8-piece bathroom set that brings realism and imagination to playtime.

Includes must-have bathroom accessories: toilet, bathtub, carpet, shower, cabinet, towel rack and sink with mirror. The incredibly detailed pieces inspire creativity and roleplay. Children can pretend to brush teeth, take a bath, wash hands, and more, just like they do in their own home.

Perfect for developing social skills and imaginative play. Kids learn by imitating grown-up activities like self-care routines. This set provides a little world where dolls can act out daily life.

Recommended for ages 3 and up. Young children love mimicking household activities and caring for their dolls. This bathroom set lets them roleplay the nurturing activities that come naturally.

This must-have bathroom set adds realism and endless play potential. Inspire your child’s creativity and caring nature today.



In the box:
* 8 Piece mini bathroom furniture set
Box size: 170x120x46mm



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