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Sitting Room Doll House Furniture

A dollhouse without furnishings is like a home without heart. Bring your child’s dollhouse to life with this delightful 15-piece Sitting Room Doll House Furniture set! With everything from sofas to a TV, this complete collection creates a warm and welcoming space for imaginative play.

Includes 3 sofas, a stylish table, soft carpet, charming floor lamp, storage cabinet, flatscreen TV, and TV table. Perfectly scaled, with beautiful details, to enhance any dollhouse room. Crafted from quality materials like fabric, wood, and plastic for long-lasting fun. Ideal for developing social skills, storytelling abilities, creativity, and more

Let their dolls gather for movie nights, host tea parties, have family meetings, and enjoy lively conversations for hours on end. Give your child the gift of endless play possibilities with this must-have dollhouse sitting room set today!

Suitable for 3+ years.



In the box:
* 15 Piece mini sitting room set
Box size: 170x120x46mm



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