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Tell the Time

An Engaging Way for Your Child to Learn Time-Telling and Sequencing. With a beautiful wooden clock face and 14 puzzles showing activities tied to specific times, your child will intuitively learn how hour and minute hands work together to tell time.By connecting abstract concepts like time to your child’s real-life experiences, Tell the Time lays the foundation for important math and sequencing skills in an engaging way.

• Interactive wooden analogue clock face with movable hour/minute hands
• 14 Self-correcting 2-piece puzzles match activities to times of day
• Connects time-telling to child’s daily life experiences
• Detailed teaching notes to explain concepts in a fun way
• Includes 6 activities in English and Afrikaans
• Perfect for children 4+ and enables 1-4 players

Tell the Time offers your child the gift of understanding time with this innovative screen-free time-telling adventure.



In the box
• 1 Wooden clock face with movable hands
• 14 Wooden self-correcting 2-piece interlocking puzzles
• Includes instructions and activities in Afrikaans and English

5 reviews for Tell the Time

  1. Evodia

    My kid is having so much fun with this, thank you for creating this game!

  2. Michael

    Great product! Helped to teach my kids how to tell the time.

  3. Abigayle

    What a great way to learn about time! The activities provided on the insert truly extend the versatility of this product. Well done!

  4. Lerato

    Love it! My daughter loves placing the times in order and telling stories about what the characters are doing.

  5. Tshenolo

    What an amazing product for teaching analogue time. My son can now read the wall clock ‘fluently’ thanks to this game with its multiple activities.

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