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Sudoku Playing Cards – Hard

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Exercise your mind in a fun way with this set of Sudoku game cards!

Sudoku is one of the world’s most popular logic-based number games for good reason – it’s engaging, addictive, and great brain training. These Sudoku cards are designed to give your mind a workout by logically placing numbers on the grid. As you progress from hard to even more challenging puzzles, you’ll reap the benefits of improved memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills.

• 54 cards per deck with 4 grades of difficulty
• Card size 62x88mm, ideal for on-the-go fun
• Made with 310gsm black core paper and smooth finish
• Water based overprint varnish for durability
• Portable size for brain training anytime, anywhere

Both children and adults will love challenging themselves with these Sudoku card decks. By regularly playing Sudoku, you can boost brain health, slow cognitive decline, reduce anxiety, and increase mental stimulation. Break out this deck during work breaks, car rides, or as a fun activity for family game night. With different levels, Sudoku cards provide engaging, screen-free entertainment and brain exercise for all ages.